S & S Cycle Thunder In the Valley Nationals presented by

Smith Brothers Harley-Davidson


August 14th & 15th

Bristol Dragway







S & S Cycle and Team celebrating a huge day for the G Squared bike piloted by Chip Ellis in Street Pro action.


Ellis made history here in Bristol with a 8.963 pass the fastest ever in Rivera-Primo Street Pro competition.  First in the 8s for the S & S backed team.  Stay tuned for all the highlights next week on www.ahdra.com.

A picture perfect weekend here at Bristol Dragway.  All the results are posted and there will be plenty more to tell from this one.

Thanks to Bristol Dragway, S & S cycle and Smith Brothers Harley Davidson for supporting this weekends event.

Good night from Bristol Dragway.

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The TV cameras are fast and furious here trying to catch the record breaking action in Street Pro and all the hot competition here in Bristol.  We are getting all the ladders entered in for you quickly as possible.


BREAKING NEWS;  THE  G-squared Street Pro entry piloted by Chip Ellis just made history with a 8.995 at 148.99mph.  It sends them to the final with Joe Sternotti who beat Travis Lummus in the final.  It will take a 9.07 to back up the first ever 8 in AHDRA Street Pro competition..



Semi Round Update:


Mark Conner got a big time holeshot over Steve Stordeur to advance to the Nitro Harley final with Johnny Mancuso who got by Doug Vancil in a side by side race to the finish.  Conner nailed a near perfect .008 to get out on Stordeur and he ran a 6.785 at 197.74mph over Stordeurs 7.733 at 139.01.  Vancil ran a 6.603 at 202.36mph, but not enough to get Mancusos 6.596 at 203.52.  An exciting final ahead there.


Ray Phipps upset number one qualifyer Frank Dove in the Pro Gas semi.  Phipps had the better reation and Dove did not make up the difference.  Phipps will face Delullo in the final.


In Pro Fuel, it will be Jack Romine and Bill Bertolette in the final.  Romine was paired with John Martin who crossed the center line and received no time.


Plenty of handle bar to handle bar action taking place here at Bristol Dragway.  Holding true that this is truly a Must See Event.



More from Bristol:

Eliminations are moving smoothly here at Bristol Dragway.  Todays event is being covered by The Outdoor Channel and we have delays from time to time for TV timeout interviews, etc.  The results are up to date and we will keep them coming at you quick as possible.  We are moments away from the semis.  Two awesome rounds of racing so far, with upsets at the tree putting heavy hitters on the trailer early.  Check out the numbers in all 14 classes of competition on the result pages.  Semi final action coming your way soon.


Roun d One Update:

Stordeur opens with a bye and a 6.657 at 205.07 on his 49th birthday and Vancil and Mancuso both advance with 6.50s.  The Pros are going at it in Round One.  Follow all the action on the result pages on AHDRAs live update page.


Good morning from a sunny Bristol Dragway.  Eliminations are underway in the Sportsman categories needed to narrow the fields to sixteen.  We are set to begin eliminations in all classes at 1230pm.  Catch all the results right here, or tune in to the webcast on rsbn.net.  Check out the rsbn.net web page for the broadcast schedule.




Saturday-Qualifying Day



Turners rerun does not improve his position. 


Qualifying complete:  Almost. Final round of Top Fuel finished up except that Bob Malloy crossed the line while paired with Jay Turner.  Malloy took out a cone which tripped Turnerís clock.  Turner was offered a re-run and accepted.

The order is posted now without the rerun.  Once Turner makes the pass, we will change the order if needed.    Mancuso had the fastest pass of the final round with a 6.580 moving him to 2nd spot behind Stordeur who sat out the final round. 

Thanks for tuning in for all the action here from Bristol Dragway.  It was a great day here at Thunder Valley and the forecast for Sunday looks even brighter.

Good night from Bristol Dragway.

Super Eliminator missing round will be posted in the am.


Final Rounds Underway:  Frank Dove landed the top spot in the Pro Gas class after leader changes in all 3 rounds.  Brett DeGood kept the top spot in Super Gas and Ronnie Fensick finished the day on top in Super Eliminator.

All the final round numbers coming your way shortly.


Round Two Update:  Stordeur goes faster.  A 6.497 at 211.06mph keeps him on top.  Mike Romine stills the 2nd spot with a 6.599 at 212.96mph, moving Mancuso to 3rd.  Apparently giving birth to fuel bikes in between rounds, 15 showed up for the 2nd round making it a full field.  Tii Tharpe got it together enough for a pass, but a 7.135 is not up to his normal performance level, leaving Team 911 tuning to get more for the final round.  Tripp Nobles 2nd pass got him a little close to the wall and making the smart move, shuts it off early.


Jack Romine flies to with a 6.735 at 202.09 mph in Pro Fuel for the top position and Lehman is 2nd with a 6.970 at 199.37mph.


Rick Maney fast enough with a 7.571 at 171.45mph for the top spot in Pro Stock and Dirk Higgins scores a 7.648 for 2nd.


Sportsman out for the final found.  More coming soon.



Paul Smith leading the Pro Mod field after 2 sessions with a 8.482 at 152.76mph.  Pippin is 2nd with a 8.568 at 148.36mph.


David Delullo out front with a 7.948 in Pro Gas and Frank Dove made a round two comeback with a 7.966 for the 2nd spot.  Round one leader, Brook McCabe moves to the third spot.


Scott Truett still on top in Pro Drag and trouble for Chuck Jones in the 2nd round leaves him in the 9th spot and unqualified after two rounds.  Another shot for the Florida rider coming up in todays final round.


The fuel bikes are do out soon.  Expect a few additional entries that may get them to a full field and all eyes on still on the Tii Tharpe pit to see if they can get the motor together in time to qualify.

More coming later.

Round Two Pro qualifying underway.  Chip Ellis riding aStreet Pro entry for

S & S is still on top of qualifying in, but Travis Lummus may be

making the move in the right direction with a 9.178 round two pass that moved him up the field to the 2nd spot.

In round two Sportsman action, Brett DeGood leads the Super Gas field followed by Dale Tyson.  David Hope and Julian Seaman are one and two in Super Sport, Ronnie Fensick and female competitor, Julia Holliday are one and two in Super Eliminator.  Vance Houdyshell held the lead in SEP and Clay Wilwert is 2nd.  We will try to get those round two sportsman numbers in if possible.  A lot of entries to type, while keeping the media covered on site as well, so we will do our best.  Stay tuned for more from a jammed packed Bristol Dragway.


Back with more from Bristol.  After it was determined that the officials had not placed cones indicating the center line designation point at the end of the track, Mark Cox first round pass was granted.  The cones are now properly place for the 2nd round of action.

 More on the order change in Top Fuel- Mark Conner withdrew is round one entry and is entering another bike which will eliminate his round one pass.


Tii Tharpe is here with a flashy new Team 911-Spevco rig, but the Top Fuel bike is apart and the team is working at a wide open pace in hopes of making a pass here today.  The field needs 2 more bikes to reach a full field.



A crowd pleasing opener in Screamin Eagle Ntiro Harley- Stordeur and Mancuso take the 1 and 2 spots.  Stordeur opened with a 6.585 at 210.05mph and Mancuso ran a 6.635 at 207.69.  Highlight of the round- newcomer Tripp Nobles runs a 6.976 at 199.85 with only a handful of passes under his belt in the nitro category.  I hope to catch up with him a little later to get his reaction on his first six.  Other news, Mark Cox landed a DQ after a center- line infraction at the big end on his opener. Cox ran a 6.802 at 202.39 on the DQD pass.

All the pro numbers from round one are being entered and coming your way shortly  A huge crowd is on hand for this one and the weather is perfect.

Back with more soon.


The sun is shining and A LOT of bikes have loaded up the lanes for sportsman qualifying.  80 Syn 3 ET bikes made a pass in Round one. The SEP entries are stacking up big as well.  Lots of racing ahead at Bristol Dragway.  The Pros will be out for round number one at 11:00am.


Good morning from Bristol Dragway.  We are set to begin qualifying today at 9:00am.  At 8am, 249 bikes entered,and more in line at the tech trailer.

Conditions are partly cloudy with highs in the 60s so far.  Temps are forecasted to reach 77 degrees.

Television crews are here for the Outdoor Channel shooting 2 half hour shows for broadcast in October.  Stay tuned for updates today right here on www.ahdra.com

Schedule of Events:

Friday:  Competitor Gates open 2:00pm

               Test and Tune 5:00-9:00pm


Saturday- Sportsman qualifying 9:00am

                    Pro Qualifying 11:00am


Sunday-    Eliminations 12:30pm


Test and Tune Update:

The Test and Tune session has concluded for the evening.  Great trial runs taking place in the Street Pro class.  Travis Lummus is back in action this weekend with his last test past improving to a 9.10.  Andy Simmon ran a 9.15 and George Bryce and crew opened up with a 9.14.  Looks like this will be a class with plenty of action throughout the weekend.

Tripp Nobles test pass on the Ray Price ride landed him a 7.78 on his license pass opener in the Top Fuel category.

Jay Turner is entered in the Top Fuel Category on Bill Furrís Big Red bike and Furr sonís Armon is here to pilot another Furr ride.

There will be lots to follow this weekend.  Catch all the results right here on www.ahdra.com.

Good night from Bristol Dragway.


Friday-Parking and Test and Tune Day Update:

Good afternoon from Bristol Dragway.  We are currently under mostly cloudy skies with no rain forecasted here for the weekend.  Despite the tropical storms and hurricane wind and rain pounding the coastal areas and portions of the Carolinas, Tennessee does not show any signs of being affected.


The competitor gates opened up at 2pm sharp and the line up was plentiful.  Over 100 racers pre registered for this one and at least 100 or more additional entries are expected.


The Nitro Harley pits stretch several rows deep meaning a gracious number of Top Fuel entries will compete this weekend.


Breaking news that many of you may have or have not heard through the grapevine.  Ray Price Racing is here with a new pilot.  Not new to racing, a current champion in fact.   It is Tripp Nobles of Statesville, NC. That will take over the position for Price.


  Nobles the reigning champion in the Screamin Eagle V-Rod category will continue his chase for consecutive titles for the Tilley Harley-Davidson team, but will add flare to his riding season with a Nitro Harley sampling. 


I spoke with Ray Price earlier today, and he reports that testing with Nobles in Rockingham went very well.  Price said that Nobles went from the 9-second riding he knows to a 7-second pass pretty darn quick. 


I ask Price just how the heck you learn to ride a Top Fuel bike.  Where do you start?   He was all smiles and happy to tell me that it takes time but you just go do it.  He explained the bike was tuned down as much as possible for Nobles riding lessons. 

7- seconds-Tuned down?  Not enough for some maybe, but Price said Nobles is doing just fine and is plenty pumped up for his new venture.


The V-Rod champ starts his fuel license testing this weekend here at Bristol Dragway Stay tuned for reports on Nobles and all 14- classes of competition right here on the AHDRA live race update page.