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2012 AHDRA Screamin Eagle Championship Series

Reno/HeadBlade joins Capone Racing and Brancaccio Top Fuel

March 8, 2012

There has always been a passion among racers and then you move it up a notch with an amazing heritage and attachment to Harley-Davidson Motor Company. When you combine the passion with heritage, it's something some people just don't get. But it has generated the slogan, "IF I have to explain, you wouldn't understand".

Luckily for Shaun Reno and Frank Capone there is an unspoken need for speed and a strength of dedication which pulled these two record holders together for the 2012 AHDRA Drag race season. This fast gas duo is joined by the Nitro powered, tightly wound, Hall of Famer, Drums Brancaccio.

Frank Capone, owner of Capone Racing brings a string of records and awards to the table and Shaun Reno racing Team HeadBlade has more than his share of records and awards and is a 3 time AHDRA Pro Stock Champion. Will this combo be competitive? I think-- shockingly so. But itís a long season and will take extra energy to keep group focus in an individual-one man Ėone bike sport.

Diversity will probably be the glue that binds. The Nitro side of the pit will be held down by Bammer Racing's Drums Brancaccio, a NJ steel worker and Union man was recently inducted into the Nutley, NJ Hall of Fame. This National Champion has lots of seat time and bunches of knowledge about drag racing.

Capone brings a string of fine sponsors to the game and for the first time is a contingency sponsor himself. Reno, a proud headshaver and natural diplomat for the decade old brand that has won numerous design awards, has been riding with and for the globally known "HeadBlade" logo and their black/yellow color scheme. Capone's a landscaper, Reno's a NASA employee and owns a performance motorcycle shop. Capone and Brancaccio, northern Italians, Reno, a soft spoken Virginian.

It'll be a Yin/Yang season, the loud, the quiet, but you can be assured you'll be hearing them on the line at tracks throughout the US. Revving it up, smokin' 'em up, focusing on the lights and launching w the same precision that they've individually been bringing to the track for a while.

Capone Racing's team consists of Mark Godin, Richard Murray, Lorne Buchanan and Proud Capone Racing sponsors: G&G Engineering, DAS Performance, L. Buchanan Co., Gannos Machine, Vanson Leathers and all the staff at Capone Landscape. Capone can be reached at facjr88@yahoo.com or at 781-224-0700 and by visiting his website at www.caponeracing.com

Reno's team includes his wife, Kim, and his crew chief, Ricky Stewart, The HeadBlade Company, Hampton Roads Harley Davidson, SA (Steve Allstaedt) Racing. Reno can be reached at renoscc@cox.net or at 804-642-0554.

Bammer Race Team consists of Drums Brancaccio, Crew Chief Michael Hopkins, Dickie Roberts, Joe Wysocki, Richard Murray. Drums Brancaccio can be reached at drumsonnitro@aol.com or at 973-667-8504 and by visiting his website at www.bammerracing.com. Sponsors for 2012 include Central Metal Fabricators, Anthony Augliera, Inc, Richard Murray, Keith's Custom Seats, World Wide Bearings, Capone Landscape, Vanson Leathers, Tattooville Tattoo, Autolite

For additional information on the 2012 AHDRA Screamin' Eagle Championship Series, please contact 336-924-2095 or visit www.ahdra.com.