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2012 AHDRA Screamin Eagle Championship Series

Team HeadBlade & Capone Racing - Running American Made Energy One Clutches

August 29, 2012

Shaun Reno, AHDRA Pro Mod pilot for Team HeadBlade, and Frank Capone, riding multiple bikes for Capone Racing, are pleased to announce that both teams are now running Energy One Clutches and they are seeing results already.

Reno riding the Team HeadBlade says he can feel a "more direct power hit with the new clutch pack," and Capone is liking what their team is seeing on the computer for both bikes.

Capone's crew, including Mark Godin, Richard Murray, Craig Fisher and Lorne Buchanan, expect to put more power to the track with the reliability of Energy One Clutches on both race bikes including the AHDRA Pro Mod (current points leader) and the new Rush Pro Gas bike which went to the winner's circle at AHDRA's Thunder in the Valley race earlier this month.

According to Energy One Clutches, "We have more than 50 years experience in the high performance motorcycle and automotive clutch industry, ENERGY ONE is the optimum choice for replacement clutch plates and components for your Harley-Davidson motorcycle. All ENERGY ONE clutch plates and components are 100% manufactured in the USA by skilled American craftsmen using only the latest tools and CNC equipment." Wave that flag and crank up those race machines.

Another service at Energy One Clutches is their custom Vintage reline available for HD, Indian, Henderson, Ducati, etc. They've done them all! Just in case you have some mature iron in your garage.

Capone says, "Lorne Buchanan and Richard Murray are in transit now for the AHDRA OAK GROVE CHOPPERS, FAST BIKES, INC, MULLIGANS & MORE NORTHWEST NITRO NATIONALS August 25th - 26th in Woodburn, OR. Shaun and I will be flying out on Thursday and ready to meet our west coast competitors, we wish we had time to go visit Energy One Clutches to see where they are made and visit with the great staff out there but it's not possible this trip."

Check out, pretty powerful stuff.

Team Information:

Capone's team consists of Mark Godin, Richard Murray, Craig Fisher, Lorne Buchanan and Katy Miller.

Capone Racing sponsors and friends supporting Capone's record breaking season include: G&G Engineering, DAS Performance, L. Buchanan Co., Gannos Machine, Energy One Clutches, Vanson Leathers and all the staff at Capone Landscape. .

Capone can be reached at:
(781) 224-0700

Reno's team includes his wife, Kim, and his crew chief, Ricky Stewart. Special thanks to sponsors: HeadBlade, Inc., Hampton Roads Harley Davidson, SA (Steve Allstaedt) Racing, CP Pistons

Reno can be reached at:
(804) 642-0554